Welcome to Sparkify, a premier digital strategy agency. We’re dedicated to helping brands stand out in an increasingly competitive digital market place, allowing them to ignite their reach and effectiveness online.

Sparkify was created in 2011 by Christophe Jammet, a social media and digital strategy consultant based in New York City. Our client base spans a myriad of industries, big and small, including Jewelry, Luxury Goods, Digital Agencies, Restaurants and Retailers. These businesses may vary in product, but they share all share one commonality — they have a story to tell. And in order to succeed, they need to tell that story the right way.

Today’s consumers are easier than ever to find but harder than ever to reach — brands compete with one another for a slice of consumer attention and it’s tough to stand apart from the pack. Having a presence on the major digital platforms simply isn’t enough; your brand needs to connect with the consumer, and your best chance to do that is to invite them to hear a story — your story.

That’s where we come in.

At Sparkify, we work closely with our brands to seamlessly marry content, sharing, advertising, and analytics in a way that maximizes engagement and reach. Our goal is to make your story, your passion and your craft into your message and build a bond between you and the consumer. Those relationships last, and they all start the same way:

With a story.